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The two notions which are at the center of our Foundation have been discussed extensively within the Board. They do indeed invite discussion, are subject to varying interpretations and may provoke polemics. This is why we have decided to publish here various documents which we found useful in our thinking about the subject and which motivate our activities. Other texts published here develop complementary points of view, or make our approach and the values we defend more precise.

This page is also open to you. We invite contributions to be sent tu us. These may be documents which you find important, or your own thoughts on the subject, on the basis of your personal experiences.


A community is a group of persons having something in common. This definition being to vast to be useful, it is convenient to read it in the light of socio-historical contexts which interest the Foundation. There exist a plethora of … Read more


Solidarity is first of all an attitude and a value. It means the acceptance of the other’s humanity, and turns the other into an equal subject, independently of possible social, economic, political or other differences. But solidarity is also an … Read more

(Français) Rencontrer l’Etranger, cet événement fondamental

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(Français) Systèmes d’épargne et de crédit – une stratégie de développement pour les pauvres?

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(Français) Qui a peur des « communautés » ?

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