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Strengthen biological & cultural diversity and community solidarity in tough conditions around the world!

The Paul K. Feyerabend Foundation supports initiatives that promote biological & cultural diversity, wellbeing, and community solidarity around the world, particularly in tough socio-economic and political conditions. Each year it also offers the Paul K. Feyerabend Award—a world of solidarity is possible to inspiring individuals, communities and organisations who distinguished themselves for the same goals.

The Foundation gathers more than 200 volunteers as members of its international board, technical officers, or Nominators in 70 countries. It dedicates to administration costs only the minimum necessary for registration in Switzerland. All its assets go to support initiatives and awardees that defend biological and cultural diversity and reinforce wellbeing, mutual understanding, and collaboration.

Make a gift of community solidarity !

Do you wish to receive a gift certificate that you can pass on to your gift recipient(s)? If yes, please contact us here, mention the date and amount of your deposit and let us know which name(s) of gift recipients shall be added to the honour roll and which specific initiative(s), if any, should we connect to the name(s). You can choose anyone among the initiatives and awards described in our web site or chose ‘all initiatives and awards’. Besides listing the names in the honour roll, you will receive via email one or more beautiful gift card(s) personalized with the name(s) of the gift recipients.

The Paul K. Feyerabend Foundation fills a unique niche in support of small but crucially valuable initiatives. The foundation has been in operation for fifteen years and is in need of replenishing its assets. We encourage the Nominators and friends of the foundation to help it fundraise in every way they find appropriate. Small donations will be warmly welcome, as well as larger donations (income-deductible in Switzerland), dedicated bequests, and occasions for joint funding with likeminded organizations and other donors. We thank you very much in advance !

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